Attention high school seniors!

You may qualify for the J & J Save A Life Memorial Scholarship

Save a life’s J&J scholarship is SAL’s attempt to help encourage young adults to look to the future, better themselves and see their potential as a way to benefit their mental health. The motivation behind SAL and the J&J scholarship is the lost lives of Victoria Bennis’s brother John Bennis and Maryanne Monaco’s son Justin Monaco.

Scholarship Value: $1000

To be eligible a student must:

  • Be a graduating high school senior attending a post-secondary school by the Fall of the current year.
  • Be able to share a personal experience about mental/emotional health. This can be self, a
    family member or friend.
  • Submit answers to the essay questions along with the application prior to deadline.
  • Send proof of enrollment and/or other necessary documents if chosen as scholarship
  • The applicant’s privacy will be protected.
  • For additional explanation or questions email

Download Application